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Searching for Serenity

The Story behind Serenity Worx

I was talking to someone this morning about the intent behind Serenity Worx. For most of my life, I have been searching for some kind of balance and serenity. I say searching but if I am honest, it was more like chasing. I was a lost, traumatized, anxiety laden soul but I always knew there was something more and I wanted it to be true for me. In this most recent iteration of my search. I wanted to find a way to combine three things that I enjoy to create a business that could sustain me, doing what I love and incorporate my fascination with the Firefly/Steampunk genres as well as my desire to help people rewrite their stories to find a place of balance and serenity. One meditation, I was given the name Serenity Worx and it stuck.

Now, in the spirit of transparency, I had tried this before. I started a Life Coaching business about 15 years ago. The movement was just starting and I lacked the confidence to jump into the mix. I held on to that business for a long time, I actually had clients but I only worked for them for free. At that point, I did not value my time, my abilities or my worth. I didn't believe that my gifts were enough. I dissolved that company.

Fast forward a few years and I started down my spiritual path. I became a Certified Shamanic Practitioner and thought, this is it! This should be what I do! I was more confident than the previous business so I jumped in again with a Shamanic practice. Well, I was not as confident as I thought and could not get that off the ground. I was still learning manifestation and had the idea of "If I build it, they will come". I subscribed to the multiple sources out there that talked about focusing on a vision board, being positive, setting the intention and just trusting that it will be there. So I waited and visualized and guess what? I had some interest but it could not sustain my realistic needs. Rent, food etc. Discouraged and depressed, I gave up again. See the pattern? 4 years later, a lot of healing, a lot of shadow work and a few dark night of the soul moments and here I am. Starting from scratch with new knowledge, a new mindset and a new attitude. Welcome to Serenity Worx!

My vision here is simple. Helping people rewrite their stories and find balance and serenity. In short, helping people recognize and achieve the best life for them. Not what society, parents, family or friends dictate as a best life. It is the deepest desire and calling for them personally. Sometimes it is right at the surface but many times it takes uncovering layer by layer. Some layers can be painful but the end result can be life changing, cathartic and allow so much freedom.

The difference between now and 15 years ago? I don't look at those businesses as failures, I see them as opportunities for growth. Now, I understand who I am, I understand what my gifts are and am confident in them and I understand that wishing, visualizing and dreaming are not enough. Yes, they are the foundation but there HAS to be an effort on our part. We have to put one foot in front of the other and step toward that better life, it won't just come to us.

This is the story of Serenity Worx, I hope we have the opportunity to work together soon!

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