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Improv 101 - Journey Into the Unknown - Part 4

Welcome to Week 6 of my improv experience, the finish line is in sight! Going into the class tonight was tough for me. I had absolutely no sleep the night before and about 1.5 hours of nap before the class. I was tired, my mind wasn't working properly and to be honest, I really didn't want to be there. But I knew we were close to the end and I wanted to see it all through, so off we went. This class was a really dry run for our graduation show, we were to take our entire experience and put it on stage without much direction. I was made team captain. Now, ordinarily I lead well, yeah, not so much this night. I was exhausted, stressed because I couldn't remember the order of anything and it just was not a good night. I was NOT a good leader and my team felt it. In hindsight, there was a lot I could have done to correct my leadership, however, I was sitting in my own shit so I couldn't see it in the moment. Our practice was all over the place, but we pulled it off on stage Thankfully my team was strong and we were successful in spite of me. This is a great example of how improv fosters collaboration rather than competition. The confidence level for this class was a solid 3 but I made it through with the help of my team.

We had one additional class for practice before the graduation. This was a class to let it all out and get the mistakes and jitters out of the way. It was a much more cohesive and less truly nerve wracking class. We went out and enjoyed ourselves which turned into organically funny and compelling sketches. Tonight's confidence level was about a 9 out of 10. I've had a great time!

Graduation here we come! I am confident that tomorrow's graduation will be some funny sh%t! Stay tuned for the final update coming soon!

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